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our approach to it asset management

ITAM Worx takes a 3-step approach to proactive management of assets and spend optimisation. We learn about your business, identify the opportunities and give you all of the tools and resources you need to continually optimise and manage your IT assets.

Step one: Baseline 

Most businesses have multiple technology toolsets doing a variety of functions within IT and business operations, but do you really have a single source of truth for your IT assets? Without trustworthy data and tight process controls in place, the benefits of IT Asset Management are usually out of reach. 

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Financial Analyst
Step two: optimise 

With economic changes and digital transformation, it means traditional IT Asset Management only takes you so far and now is the time to optimise your current spend by ensuring you are on the right agreements, with the right plans and contracts to give you the best return on your IT investments.

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Step three: manage 

Once you have your baseline and you are actively optimising, the most important step is to continually repeat these activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  ITAM Worx can help you turn trustworthy data into valuable information, create knowledge and wisdom to get economic value on your software spend.

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