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ITAM Optimisation Services

Helping organisations optimise current investments...

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Identifying and understanding your current licenses against your current deployed applications is only the first step to being able to fully optimise what you spend on software.  With a Baseline Assessment it gives you your current status and enables you to make informed business decisions.

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More and more software applications are now cloud and SaaS based, which can often mean your spend is suddenly not fully managed and you are not gaining any economic value. A SaaS Baseline Assessment will help you understand your current usage and understand your optimisation opportunities.

Baseline Assessments


Data Gathering 

Firstly, we need to understand an organisation's environment before we can accurately provide a baseline.  This will be in a form of a workshop with all key stakeholders to ensure before we start, we know your current and future strategy.

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Data Analysis

Next, we will review, analyse and validate all of the data gathered during the workshop as well as all the licenses and inventory collected from various sources.  This data is then reconciled and optimised in the most efficient way to ensure a fully optimised result.  


Data Presentation

Finally, we will provide a detailed Effective License Position (ELP) and an Executive presentation outlining the findings and more importantly where an organisation can better optimise their position moving forward.

Our Baseline Assessments will provide you with a view of your current software deployments and associated licenses to be able to understand your current position.   Our 3-stage approach for Baseline Assessments are Data Gathering, Data Analysis and Data Presentation.

Microsoft 365 Health Check 

With the help of Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365, powered by our partner TBSC (@the-business-software-centre), we can provide you with a FREE HealthCheck that is an automated, cloud-based solution. The Health-Check is the free 30 day trial version of Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 and provides a benchmark to see where your business stands with Microsoft 365 management.

The results will provide you with information such as lapsed users, non-allocated applications, lack of adoption of M365 applications, subscriptions assigned but not used, security and compliance. 

Smarter SaaS Pro

Smarter SaaS Pro version for Microsoft 365 is a paid subscription, which can be offered on a monthly or yearly basis. Smarter SaaS Pro includes all the Health-Check features, as well as in-depth reporting on Cloud Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange usage, along with offering on-premise usage metering.

This data is presented on a dashboard, offering accurate and actionable information for M365 optimisation. Through surplus, reharvesting, or other optimisation opportunities, it gets you in control of your Microsoft 365 licenses

SaaS Optimisation


Services available for Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Oracle plus many more

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