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itam Technology Services 

Helping businesses to 

Manage, control, and optimise their IT assets 

Businesses need end-to-end visibility across their systems so they can optimise spend, maximise value and minimise risk.  ITAM Worx have ITAM technology experience for over 10 years and can provide either a Hosted or On-Premise Solution, with technical support and Knowledge Transfer.

Get the most from their SAM Technology

Businesses who invest in technology toolsets are not optimising their investment or gaining any real value.  ITAM Worx can provide a Health Check of your existing Snow solution to ensure you are getting the most optimal use of the technology, as well as provide recommendations on how to gain more value to drive optimisation.

Gain visibility of their License purchases 

Businesses need to have license entitlement and agreements in their ITAM toolset to be able to reconcile against the discovered applications to gain visibility of compliance risks.  ​ITAM Worx can upload your licenses for you to give you a head start to realise your software usage.


Effortlessly manage your hardware technology assets

Comprehensive discovery capabilities extend across the entire technological spectrum, unveiling a detailed IT, OT, IoT, and Public Cloud inventory.


From workstations – Windows, Linux and Mac. To servers, virtual machines, printers, switches, routers and cloud instances.


We leave no corner untouched so you can navigate and manage your technological ecosystem with unparalleled precision.

Laptop Work


Computer with Graph
Complete inventory of applications in use

Comprehensive coverage of >750,000 recognised applications across all major platforms for datacenter, end-user and SaaS. 


We can deliver fast results of software discovery and can identify wasted spend and risk from over-subscribed, unused licenses and end of life software.


Contain spiralling software costs and stop paying for more than you use.


Elevate security with valuable vulnerability insights

Leverage vulnerability information from the NIST catalog connected to your assets and benefit from vulnerability insights.


Gain visibility of assets that have known vulnerabilities and benefit from faster triage and incident response.


Access lifecycle information to track the support status of products in your environment, allowing you to see which assets will go end of life.


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