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ITAM Technology Services

Helping organisations to...

Manage, control, and optimise their IT assets 

Organisations need end-to-end visibility across their systems so they can optimise spend, maximise value and minimise risk.  


ITAM Worx have ITAM technology experience for over 10 years and can provide either a Hosted or On-Premise Solution, with technical support and Knowledge Transfer.

Ensure they are getting the most from their SAM Technology 

Most organisations who invest in technology toolsets are not optimising their investment or gaining any real value. 


ITAM Worx can provide a Health Check of your existing Snow solution to ensure you are getting the most optimal use of the technology, as well as provide recommendations on how to gain more value to drive optimisation.

Gain visibility of their License purchases 

Organisations need to have license entitlement and agreements in their ITAM toolset to be able to reconcile against the discovered applications to gain visibility of compliance risks.  

ITAM Worx can upload your licenses for you to give you a head start to realise your software usage.

ITAM Worx in Partnership with Snow Software

save time.png

Save time and effort - by using Snow Adoption Tracker, the most prevalent discovery, inventory and normalization tool for software visibility. It consolidates data from multiple sources and leverages Snow Data Intelligence Service for best-in-class normalization and augmentation. 

blind spots

Discover your blind spots - by using Snow discovery abilities you can reveal assets that were previously unknown.  From PC's to Macs, Physical and Virtual Servers to mobile phones, Snow can find it all.

all in one place.png

View all assets in one place - Snow collects and consolidates data from multiple point solutions into a single view. You can see all technology usage information in a single dashboard – no more toggling between multiple tools to piece together your technology landscape manually.

Our knowledge and understanding of software asset management, combined with our strong partner relationship with Snow Software means we can provide the best ITAM Technology services, ranging from the implementation of the toolset, to providing a Health-Check of your current solution to importing your licenses and agreements.  All our Technology Services align to our services approach (Step 1) to bring full visibility of your IT hardware and software assets, enabling your goal to reduce costs, minimise risks and ultimately improve business strategies.

complete visibility.png

Gain Complete Visibility - Are your software licenses earning their keep? Or are too many sitting idle, rolling from one renewal to the next, wasting money? Effective software license optimization starts with full discovery, so unused software can be reclaimed and redeployed. 

reduce risk.png

Reduce audit and compliance risks - by using Snow and having full view of all your technology assets, entitlements and agreements you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

reduce spend.png

Optimise Spend - by using Snow, you see detailed usage information, so you spend less time chasing data and more time thinking about optimisation and cost savings, putting you in a position of strength in renewal negotiations.

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